About us

Our Story

The Australian Brisket Board™️ is the flagship product made by Food Studio Shop Pty Ltd, a small family owned company based in Brisbane Australian.  We started life as a small business who had a love of food and a vision to make high quality and customised timber boards more accessible to everyone. 

Recognising that the market was saturated with cheap inferior quality products on the shelves of both low and high end stores, we set out to create efficiencies in the labour intensive craft of board making to achieve the right balance of quality and price, and make the craft commercially sustainable. 

Our mantra is 'Quality always wins!', and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and delivering the very best service possible.

Recycled | Re-purposed | Reclaimed

There are few things more satisfying than genuinely contributing to a circular economy. We source and use a mix of Australian hardwoods from demolition yards, old growth timber which is often over 100 years old. Using these stops them from going into landfill, and gives these beautiful timbers a new life to be enjoyed for future generations.

There are many claims from some of the worlds biggest companies of using sustainable materials, but the truth is that planting trees to cut them down has many environmental impacts that negate the benefits of what they promote as sustainable. 

The materials we use are extremely heavy and dense timbers that come with age related wear and tear, screw and nail holes, naturally occurring veins, and some occasional tear out of the grain.