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Olive Pip Co Premium Briquettes - 3kg

Olive Pip Co Premium Briquettes - 3kg

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At The Australian Brisket Board we are proud to announce our involvement with this amazing product. Winner of numerous awards in Europe for the past 10+ years, It's time now to introduce this world class product to Aussie BBQ. 

This is a professional grade BBQ fuel. The difference is in the performance because charcoal's 'aint charcoals. 

Benefits of Olive Pip Co. Premium BBQ Briquettes
  • Free of chemicals
  • No smoke
  • Easy to light
  • Made using 100% renewable recycled olive pips
  • Sustainable
  • Emits 30% less carbon monoxide than wood charcoal
  • Long burn times
  • Easy to light
  • 6366KCAL/KG High heat value
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